Thursday, March 4, 2010

Motherhood Mishmash

Yesterday Zachary told me something every parent loves to hear, "Mommy my favorite part of school is when I see you smiling at me at the end of the day." Awwww. See I pick Zach up everyday from school because I LOVE seeing his little face light up through the glass doors when he spots me waiting for him with the other parents. It's truly the best part of MY day. I don't get that with the school bus, I love it. That little statement hugged my heart.

Then he said the one that wrenched it. "I'm glad you aren't the kind of Mommy that has to work. I'd miss you." D'oh! See, I'm not a stay at home mom right now because I love it (although I do), but because I've been out of work since August. Yes, part of the reason I wasn't sad to leave my last job was that it was taking way too much time away from my son. So I have been loving being here every day at 2:00pm to pick him up and spend time with him. But this can't last. I have to go back to work sooner rather than later.

So what can I say, another part of motherhood that is wonderful and sucks all at the same time. Zach and I are having a great time right now and creating memories that I am VERY lucky to have the opportunity to create. At the same time, I'm subtly setting the stage for the time when I have to go back to work and he has to go to full-time after school care. You know they tell you it's hard being a mom, but you never know just how hard it really is until you're in the middle of it. Still the best job ever.

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  1. And you do such a great job at it, which is why he loves spending time with you. But he will love spending time with us even after this stage/phase ends as we transition to a new schedule as long as we make the time meaningful.