Friday, April 23, 2010

Teacher from Hell?

Ok, let's take stock. Still not working. Local school district is not up to snuff. St. Joseph School tuition (if they stay open) is about $3,300. So, having to look at home schooling for the fall term with Zach.

I'm a bit nervous. It's a huge responsibility to make sure that your child grows up knowing all the academic things they should as well as social, moral, spiritual, etc. I suck at math and science. I have to teach him math and science? I made my teacher's cry. I'm going to be his teacher? Oh dear Lord, help me.

I've been talking to other home schooler's just to get some questions answered and the one big difference between them and us is that they have more than one child. At least their kids learned how to share, settle arguments, have a difference of opinion, etc. with someone. Zach is an only child and it looks like that's not going to change. My worst fear is that he'll grow up not knowing how to interact with other people who aren't like him (or his parents). Not know how to settle disagreements and stand up for himself with overbearing people of the world.

I do like the idea of spending more time at home with Zach and seeing his progress and being a part of that. It would be a part of his childhood he'd never forget. Although he'll probably be in counseling about it in another 30 years.

Am I over reacting? Probably. Maybe I'll find a job between now and July and we won't have to worry about it. Maybe we'll do it for a year and then he'll go back to regular school. Who knows. Right now Paul has 2001 on TV, clearly Kubrik didn't fare well from his "formal" education. Yes, he's made money, but wtf? He's weird.

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